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45 Fiera del Riso-Italy

A few months ago Patric came in to our studio for the first time to take a ID-picture, we started talking and he asked me if I might be able to go to Italy to take pictures for his soon-to-be Risotto restaurant… And last week me and my dear husband/assistent/second-shooter spent 4 wonderful days there!

Since the nearest airport was Venice, a town I’ve been wanting to see all my life, we had to take an extra day there at the beginning of our trip… I wasn’t dissapointed, altough it would have been fun to photograph someone in a beautiful dress “trash-the-dress” style there (missed you Eleonora!) We arrived pretty late on wednesday and thursday evening we arrived at Isola della Scala for the rice-festival, we stayed at a great place called “Agriturismo Otto Ducati D’Oro” just five minutes walk from the festival-area. The festival was bigger then we expected and very popular, cars were blocking all the roads nearby in the evening! A celebration of the harvest!

On saturday Patric had booked a personal guided tour for us so we could see and document all about growing rice and the processing, our guide Davide was wonderful and very entusiastic, now we know so much more about everything! and he also took us to some beautiful Italian ” Villas” just wonderful to see! We drove around for about 9 hours in total discovering the region! We also got to photograph in the restaurant kitchen were we ad lunch, a tasting of 3 different risottos, we had risotto the night before and another 3 course tasting in the evening, that’s a lot of risotto 😉

Going back to the airport we stayed 3 hours or so in fair Verona, and it is really a beautiful town to walk around in! We also got to see Juliettes balcony from “Romeo and Juliette” a very popular place apperently for young people to put their loved-pnes name on the wall, so of course did we!

We had 26-30 degrees and beeming sun for the entire trip, like summer all over again! When we landed in stockholm it was 9 degrees, dark and raining… well, here are some pictures from the trip, and there are sooo many more!

Sonia Jansson - OH! WOW!

Marit Solblad - Fantastiska bilder Åsa! Du framkallade en otrolig lust att resa till Italien. Grymt!

Mattz Birath - Underbara Bilder Åsa min vän !!

ANDERS - Precis så fint som jag minns det!

devis - Wow! I’m the best subject you can take! ciao !D!

Andrea - Wonderful pics!!!

Sylvie - Super nice pictures! Great atmosphere! Well done Åsa!!

Tove - Gud vad härliga bilder!

Annie Odén - Åh, vad mycket vackra bilder! Vad duktig du är!! Kramar

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