• Välkommen till Ateljen vid Odenplan!

    Här bredvid hittar ni mina populäraste gallerier, men kika gärna in under portfolio där Du hittar många fler bilder som bloggats under åren!


Yesterday Paula & Martin, whom’s wedding I shot this summer came by for some family pictures, supernice to meet them again!!! Jesper wasn’t to keen on beeing in front of the camera, but his big sister Caroline made up for that big time, she went in to my prop room and came out with the angel wings… so I had to show her the dresses, and off we went and had a blast! Here you can see pictures from their beautiful wedding!

I’m almost a bit jealous, how great wouldn’t it have been to have these kind of pictures at that age with my mom!

Anders - Fint!

Danielle - So sweet!!

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